50 Fabulous Knit Bobbles, Popcorns and Puffs

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If you are tired of working the same old knit and purl stitches, now is the time to try something new. How about adding texture to your knitting with bobbles, popcorns and puffs! In this book from Rita Weiss, you'll find a collection of 50 fabulous stitches that you can use in many different ways -- for sweaters, for hats, for purses, for baby clothes -- for anything that you love to knit. And you can knit these stitches with any weight of yarn you choose -- from the finest lace weight thread to the heaviest bulky yarn. Add a few popcorn stitches to a border; make an entire purse with swirling bobbles; make a baby bonnet with petite puffs. Once you've started using bobbles, popcorns and puffs, there will be no end to your new creativity.